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Just carry on.

Rodrigues is one of Turn-Over's participants. He has a detention past and was for a long time under the impression that he would not have a promising future with his background. Meanwhile, he realizes that he comes a long way with the right help and a little confidence.  
Rodrigues: 'Turn-Over is a great way to participate. The combination of sport and developing yourself is perfect. At Turn-Over we learn to accept criticism, how to present yourself and how you deal with a paid job. Each participant has a different background. From juvenile prison to drug addictions. It is nice to see how the participants want to change. You have to make the switch in your head. And Joeri and Lammert push us to the limit, they never give up. "

Gerda believes in me
Soon Rodrigues can start at Schouten Techniek. 'I am being trained to become an electrician. I will be working five days a week and go to school for two evenings. If you want to achieve something you have to work hard and go for it. It does not come out of the blue. Staying on the bench does not matter. Because of my past I was afraid that I would not get a chance anymore. Now I know that I just have to continue. I am super motivated. " Rodrigues continues: "Yuri and Lammert do their best for everyone. I appreciate that very much. This route had come on my path before! Gerda van Schouten Techniek believes in me. I have a lot of respect for her. "

Schouten Techniek gives people a chance
Schouten Techniek is one of the employers who believes in Turn-Over and likes to offer participating youngsters a chance. Gerda Zwarthoed, head of HR: 'Schouten Techniek is a family business. We are known in West Friesland as a social employer that gives people a chance. That is one of the reasons why we gave our full commitment to the Turn-Over project. '

Gerda does not hide her enthusiasm or banks: "It is wonderful to be able to help these young people. I went to see the training in Castricum and met the guys from the project. They were all enthusiastic about a function in technology. I quickly got the feeling that we can actually do something for the boys. With Rodrigues I immediately had a click. Because of his past as an auto mechanic, I advised him on electrical engineering. ' Gerda is looking forward to the arrival of Rodrigues: 'He will soon start a full-time job at Schouten. He also has to go to school and he also wants to stay rugby. That will be a big deal! But of course we are there for Rodrigues. I really see it with him! "

We work together with pride
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