Important that someone believes in them.

Probation officer Supervision and Interventions Stella Piazzoli:

'I mainly work with young adults and I notice that this target group is often without control. This is partly due to the lack of daytime activities. If you have nothing to do and have no income, you will hang out and play around. Many boys lack perseverance and sense of responsibility. And the processing of setbacks is also a point of attention. That is difficult to learn. Of course we work hard at the probation service there. We do this through conversations and training. Project Turn-Over is a good addition to this. It is literally falling there and getting up again. Get a beech and go on again. Things like breakfast at the table, that is a challenge for many guys and they like to go to turn-over. Young people learn basic skills that you simply need to have in order to be able to get rid of them in society.

Many reintegration projects are all about learning a profession. Turn-Over is all about the basis. Perfect to start with. It is important for these guys that someone believes in them and that it is difficult for them to do so. At Turn-Over you are not assessed on what you have done. It is really looking ahead. I also hear that from our participants in the project. Joeri in particular plays an important role in this. The project has been successful so far, so we look forward to the future. '

We work together with pride
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