Turn-Over Foundation.

Goal of the Turn-Over foundation
The goal of the Foundation is to offer professional guidance and intensive coaching, from the heart, to young people and (young) adults, to support them both physically and mentally and to motivate them in the next step in their life towards education, (voluntary) work and / or new competencies, and the performance of everything that is connected with this or that may be conducive to this.
Turn-Over wants to help young people and (young) adults take the next step in their lifes by offering professional guidance and sports.
Turn-Over supports and guides young people and (young) adults with the aid of the Turn-Over method by offering various programs in which sport, structure, physical and mental / mental health and resilience, competence development and healthy lifestyle are central, making them ready for the next step in life, with their own responsibility as the starting point. Our approach is both individual and group oriented.
Our starting points for the Turn-Over method and programs are:
  • Sport and exercise are the most important framework of the Turn-Over method and programs
  • Based on structure, standards, values ​​and limits
  • With the greatest possible preventive approach
  • Where everyone deserves a second chance
  • With emphasis on personal possibilities, talents and opportunities
  • Which also involves the network of the participants by default
  • And always in collaboration with other organizations and stakeholders

Core values

  1. Everyone is seen, joins and belongs
  2. Respect yourself and others
  3. Cooperation pays off
  4. Being able to cash in helps you to move forward
  5. Making mistakes is possible: without mistakes you do not learn either, you do not discover the boundaries and do not shift them
  6. Do not get stuck in mistakes of yourself or others, focus on the next "action" and do it well
  7. Everyone deserves at least a second chance
  8. Giving and receiving trust
  9. Sincere interest in each other
  10. Approaching and addressing each other in a respectful, positive way
  11. Focus especially on what goes well and what you are good at, and keep improving this aspect of yourself
  12. Everyone is and remains a member of the Turn-Over "family".


Gifts and donations

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Multi-annual policy plan

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