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Foundation Turn-Over has successfully obtained ANBI status. This is very good news! This means that you, as a donor, deduct your gift from Turn-Over from the income tax. Moreover, we do not have to pay taxes on inheritances or donations. The donation can therefore be used entirely to support our work.
Why would you donate as an entrepreneur?
Unfortunately, there are young people who "fall between ship and shore", who are not known to the municipalities / authorities and who have no benefits and, for example, live on the streets. We also like to offer these youngsters a Turn-Over program because our experience shows that they too benefit greatly from it. More than 70% of our participants go to work and / or school. For the placement of these young people, we seek financial resources so your gift or donation is more than well spent.
Are you or do you know a socially involved entrepreneur who wants to support Turn-Over? We would like to get in touch with you! You can mail us at .
Why would you donate as a committed "fan"?
Even smaller donations are more than welcome. With your money we can purchase sports or job clothing for the participants. Some of our participants do not have a benefit or other financial means (live on the street, for example) and can not do this type of expenditure. With this you can really make a valuable contribution in the lives of these young people.
So do you care about Turn-Over? Go to and donate. Every donation, however large or small, is more than welcome!
More information about ANBI can be found on

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