Get rid of that bank! Are you stuck? Do not you remember where to start to solve your problems?

Are you more than satisfied with this benefit and that is actually also a problem? Are you stuck at school or are you not going to school anymore while you still want / need to? Do you have so many or such big problems that you do not know where to start? Come to Turn-Over! At Turn-Over you get self-confidence again. And a paid job or a good school / education: Guaranteed!

For whom does Turn-Over do it:

  • Young people with Wajong or WWB benefit
  • Young people who threaten to fall out, at work or at school
  • Drop-outs
  • Vulnerable young people
  • Young people without a basic qualification
  • Young people who can not / do not want to go to school anymore / dare youngsters with offense behavior.

Project Turn-Over consists of three phases:
Phase 1: In this phase you get three days a week sports training including rugby, fitness and boxing and together we set your individual goals. In addition, you get all kinds of training and workshops.

Phase 2: After three months you are ready for a work experience or trial placement with one of the employers who have joined Turn-Over, or you go back to school or another study program. In addition, you can count on coaching and workshops / training sessions for two months and you can train with the rest of the team at the club one day a week.

Phase 3: After half a year you flow to the last phase that lasts 7 months. We then have contact at least once a month. You are ready for a permanent job or education / training. Of course we are still there for you with individual support.

Our principles
Passion and pleasure, discipline, camaraderie, integrity and respect are the principles on which rugbysport is all about. It is also the principles that Turn-Over uses. What does that mean? That we treat each other respectfully. That we support each other. That we do what we say. And that we train together with great pleasure and work towards a good result as a team. Turn-Over costs you nothing, only full commitment and motivation. Interested? Get in touch with your employment expert at the UWV or the Youth Desk. Or call us so that we can see together what possibilities there are for you to participate in one of our Turn-Over programs.

Prefer individual guidance? Looking for individual guidance? Even then we are ready for you. Through Peperkamp Coaching & Training we can guide you in the way that works best for you. Contact us directly!

Participant Dedrick: 'I ended up at Exodus and met a guy who was also at Turn-Over. He told me about the rugby project and that he was working on a training welding. I wanted that too!

Participant Youness: 'At Turn-Over everyone gets equal opportunities. Employers look at the field, see the boys train and work hard for each other. '

We work together with pride
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