Everyone deserves a second chance.

Project Turn-Over helps vulnerable and problem youngsters under professional supervision and with the help of back-sport at the next step in their lives towards work or appropriate training. More than 70% of our participants are transferred to paid work via a work experience placement at an employer in our network. The participants come via the UWV and municipalities in our project where we stimulate, motivate and support them physically and mentally.

Why Turn-Over does work?
Young people can be themselves with us and are not seen as a number. Turn-Over uses a specific methodology aimed at group dynamics and learning new behavior. The online coaching method SuperCoach Online and the rugbymethode as applied in School of Hard Knocks UK are the basis for this. We also teach our young people everything about a normal day and night rhythm, healthy eating and they provide the necessary employee skills.

Costs and benefits
Employers do not run any financial risk when hiring our young people. The government makes various subsidies and premium discounts available to stimulate the reintegration of these young people. In addition to financial benefits, hiring our young people also creates a social advantage. Do you see sufficient support within your organization for a second chance for our young people?

Job guarantee
There are many employers in the Turn-Over network who want to offer our young people a chance. These employers regularly attend the training sessions and, if possible, make it possible for participants to profile themselves in an easily accessible manner. The companies in our network offer participants both work experience places and paid positions. Thanks to these employers involved, the Turn-Over programs are a success. Do you see opportunities for our young people in your company? Please contact us via . We will be happy to talk to you to see what the possibilities are for you and for our participants.


Schouten Techniek is one of the employers who believes in Turn-Over and likes to offer participating youngsters a chance. Gerda Zwarthoed, head of HR: 'Schouten Techniek is a family business. We are known in West Friesland as a social employer that gives people a chance. That is one of the reasons why we gave our full commitment to the Turn-Over project. '

Participant Rodrigues has acquired a position at Schouten Techniek through Turn-Over, where he is trained as an electrician internally. 'I will be working five days a week and go to school two nights. If you want to achieve something you have to work hard and go for it. It does not come out of the blue. Staying on the bench does not matter. Because of my past I was afraid that I would not get a chance anymore. Now I know that I just have to continue. I am super motivated. " Rodrigues continues: "If only this route had come my way! Gerda van Schouten Techniek believes in me. I have a lot of respect for her. "

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