Everyone deserves a second chance or a helping hand.

Does your son receive a benefit and is he on the couch all day long? Does your child not manage to keep his job because of his behavior? Are there problems at school or has your child been down? Has your child left school without a basic qualification and does he not know what to do? Are the problems so great that you no longer know what to do or how to prevent it from getting worse? Project Turn-Over helps problem and vulnerable young people in their next step in their lives towards work or appropriate training. We work from a preventive nature and emphasize personal opportunities, talents and opportunities. The Turn-Over programs are based on structure, standards, values ​​and limits. We work together with other organizations and stakeholders to provide as comprehensive a program as possible. We also involve, where possible, the network of participants in our programs. We stimulate, motivate and support our participating young people physically and mentally, so that they learn to take responsibilities and take steps forward.
Why Turn-Over does work?
Our multidisciplinary training program aims to make vulnerable, problem and risk young people fully-fledged members of society. How? With rugby, the principles of rugby sport, mental support and training and workshops. Why our training program does work? Young people can be themselves with us and are not seen as a number. We work together as a team. We play sports together, eat together and follow the physical and mental trainings together. Turn-Over uses a specific methodology aimed at group dynamics and learning new behavior. The online coaching method SuperCoach Online and the method as applied in School of Hard Knocks UK are the basis for this.
The target
In addition to a better self-image and taking responsibility, the goal of this project is to allow participants to graduate into paid work or back to school / education. And of course we will continue to support your son or daughter. Participating in Turn-Over costs nothing, only full commitment and motivation of the participant. Is Turn-Over something for your son or daughter? Contact us via .
Prefer individual guidance?
Looking for individual guidance for your son or daughter? Through Peperkamp Coaching & Training we can guide your son or daughter in the way that works best for him / her. Contact us directly!

Founder Joeri Peperkamp: 'I try to let our young people think in solutions. Participants have often already had to deal with relief agencies. They talk in terms like you and me. We show them that we can achieve anything together. '

Supervisor Dianne de Romijn: 'The average reintegration percentage is 34%. Our young people are proof that Turn-Over works, because more than 70% of us find a permanent job. Beforehand, I thought it would be great if we could make the difference for one youngster. This success really exceeds my expectations. '

We work together with pride
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