Betting on talent.

Aschwien Kandhai, individual trajectory supervisor:

'I support and help young people with various requests for help. This can be guidance to training or paid work, support with debts and addiction or other problems. I prefer to work in the living environment of the young people. In other words: I like to come behind the front door. They use that same philosophy at Turn-Over. '

'I think it's important that we focus on the talents of young people. That what they can not have others have already told them. Recently I had a conversation in prison. I asked that boy to tell something about himself. The first five sentences were only negative. By way of a detour I got to hear some positive sounds about himself, terrible that such a boy has such a low self-esteem. One of my young people was originally the leader on the street. I told him that if you can manage on the street, you can also do that in a paid position. In the meantime he has become a trainer at Turn-Over through the project. '

'I'm going for sustainability, not just to extinguish fires and organize activities. Long-term goals such as work and education, I like to help with that. That is also why I like the route of Joeri so well. In addition, I myself do not have all the expertise and I therefore like to work with Turn-Over. I come from sales and am used to working purposefully. I now also do that as a youth worker. My motivation? I can make the difference for my fellow man and I will go for that. That Turn-Over is a success is mainly in the small and practical things. Joeri and Lammert pick up the boys at home. That makes a big difference, even essential. If Joeri is at the door, you'll get out of bed. These guys sometimes have to put you in action mode. "

We work together with pride
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