Everyone deserves a second chance.

Project Turn-Over helps vulnerable and problem youths under professional guidance and with the help of sport at the next step in their lives towards work or appropriate training. More than 80% of our participants go to paid work via a work experience placement. Municipalities, Halte Werk and the UWV are different clients for Turn-Over.
Target audiences
  • Young people with Wajong or WWB benefit
  • Drop-outs
  • Vulnerable young people
  • Young people without a basic qualification
  • Young people who can not / do not want to go to school anymore
  • Young people with offense behavior.
Back in society
The multi-disciplinary training program of Turn-Over aims to make vulnerable and problem young people fully-fledged members of society. Turn-Over integrates rugby method into existing reintegration methodology, taking into account possible behavioral problems of the target group (diagnosed or not). Participating young people are physically and mentally stimulated, motivated and supported.
Passion and pleasure, discipline, camaraderie, integrity and respect are the principles on which rugbysport is all about.
It is also the principles that Turn-Over uses. What does that mean? That we treat each other respectfully. That we support each other. That we do what we say. And that we train together with great pleasure and work towards a good end result: an independent life with paid work or appropriate training.

Job guarantee
There are many regional employers in the Turn-Over network who want to offer our young people a chance. These employers regularly attend the training sessions and, if possible, make it possible for participants to profile themselves in an easily accessible manner. The companies in our network offer participants both work experience places and paid positions. Thanks to these employers involved, the Turn-Over programs are a success.

We work together with pride
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