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As a foundation, Turn-Over is closely involved with the municipalities of Alkmaar, Langedijk and Heerhugowaard. Haltewerk selects an important number of participants who can participate with Turn-Over. Leo Bos is policy officer at Haltewerk.

"Already in 2014 I had the first contact with Joeri Peperkamp and Olga de Graaff about the project they wanted to set up. Joeri had gained knowledge about a similar project in England. They wrote a project plan and came to present it. In 2015 we came to a cooperation agreement.

It is custom work. Some of our clients, people who come to us for social assistance benefits, but sometimes also without benefits, can get started at Turn-Over. These are mainly young people and ex-prisoners.

It is an intensive process. What appeals to us in particular is the intensive individual approach. If necessary, the participants are picked up from home. They are - if necessary - even taken out of bed. Then they are asked why they were not ready and whether they go along. That's fine. It is often young people with a big backpack.

We are very satisfied. The success rate is large. Approximately 70 percent return to school after the trajectory, find an internship, work or, for the time being, another meaningful time spent. "We hope that we can continue together in the coming years.

Bos itself has a financial background. "I did a financial education at the Board Academy in, at the time, Heemstede. That is now 43 years back. Have had many jobs in municipal. During the last three years I have been working at Haltewerk as a policy employee Work & Income. Before that, in the same position, I worked for twelve years at the municipality of Alkmaar. "

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Radio1 the morning 21 July 2017

We work together with pride
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